We are breeders of beautiful and loving Bernedoodles. Bernedoodles are a great combination of the Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles. Bernedoodles are funny, goofy and loyal. They are extremely smart and they learn new thing very fast. Our Bernedoodles are amazing family pets because of their nature. They Love to just be with you to chill out and also love to play and run with you. When they are mature enough, they like to go hiking and run in snow. Snow is one of the favorite things of nature they can not get enough of!!! Even after the winter when all the snow has melted, they absolutely go nuts in some snow that has not melted yet; roll in it and eat it!!! Bernedoodles are also great with kids and gentle to play with small kids.

We have some of our Bernedoodles living with families who have kids with Autism and the Bernedoodles are extremely sensitive to their needs and moods. One of our first Bernedoodle placed in such a family send us an email letting us know this puppy is calming their son down, just a week after bringing home their puppy.

Our Dogs are raised in our home and outside with lots of space to run and play on our farm located west of Red Deer. Dogs have always been a part of our lives. Living on a farm makes it natural to have dogs as part of the family. I don’t know life without dogs!  We started breeding dogs in 2010 and since then have invested a lot of time and energy to improve our breeding program.

We have some of our dogs placed in Guardian homes with families that can give them a loving home as a pet. The dogs come to our place for breeding and when they have their puppies.  After puppies are old enough to be weened, the moms go back home again.

Our dogs are healthy, happy and loved. Our Puppies are played with, socialized with others and are used to playing with children. Our grand kids are often here and are looking forward every time we are expecting a new litter, so that they can play with them. The Bernedoodles are perfect family pets. We have some of all these breeds ourselves. Visitors are welcome by appointment.