We are always looking for some special families to join our guardian program.


 This is a great opportunity for the right family to enjoy a “pick of the litter” puppy. Because we know all dogs need to be part of a family where they will be loved, played with and taken care of daily. Guardian homes provide a family for the breeding dogs while they participate in our breeding program. They will live with their Guardian family their entire life. We look for Guardian Home Families so that we can expand our breeding program while the dogs enjoy their life as a pet with their family. Female dogs will come to our place when they need to be bred and when they will have their litter. After the puppies are weaned, usually between six to eight weeks, the female will return to her guardian home. Families are invited to visit them a few weeks after they had their puppies. When she is retired from our breeding program, we will have her spayed and she will continue to live with the same family she has lived with all the time. Male dogs are contracted for a number of years rather than number of litters. When they are retiring, we will have them neutered and they also, will return to their families to live with the rest of their life. Interested people need to be living within a radius of one and a half hour of Red Deer for the females. For the males, we are looking for families in Sylvan Lake, Red Deer or Bentley.

    • You can benefit from this program by getting an excellent dog for free, we will waive the adoption fee.
    • The dog benefits from this program because it will be living with a loving family where it will be nurtured and receives individual attention.
  • We benefit by being able to expand our breeding program.

There is a specific contract for this program. Please contact me if you are seriously interested in this program. Anneloes van den Akker