We love our dog

We got a Aussie Mountain Doodle from Jersey Acres and we love her. She is so smart and loving, we are so happy with our choice. Annaloes was great-helpful and did a follow up phonecall and answered all our questions. We got the dog shipped to Vancouver without any problems. We are really happy.

Ruth Bach

Best addition to our family!

Our sweet Maggie is 6 months now. We could not be happier with our decision to choose Bernedoodles of Jersey Acres for our new family member. Anneloes has been so great to deal with and even after picking up Maggie, we emailed and called on two separate occasions for additional questions and she was so quick to respond and provide advice. We also had so many people tell us how well socialized Maggie was right at 2/3 months and we have Anneloes to thank for that! We are truly lucky to have Maggie in our lives and I highly recommend Jersey Acres.

Jessica Yuswak

Bozley ( mini Australian Shepard/ Bernadoodle) is one smart, lovey guy!

Bozley is always cheerful, extroverted, funny and loveable. He is so smart he figured out how to open the gate latch and take himself for a walk. (I now have a lock!) He loves every person and every dog he has met. He is instinctively gentle with small children, puppies and senior dogs. He does need a lot of exercise, but that has helped me to get out of the house and walk more. He needs to run, and he is now generally reliable with call back at off leash parks. This took a bit of training, and lots of walking initially. I am retired, and he definitely likes being with people and other dogs. I do not think he would manage well if he were kennelled all day with a working family. But he is perfect for me. Anneloes was helpful and instructive. Thank you!

Barbara Lansing


On May 13, 2020 I met Vixey the Standard Poodle and her owner Anneloes. That day Vixey (I call her Lily) came home with me and she has filled my heart with puppy love. I was very impressed with Anneloes and the beautiful dogs of Jersey Acres. It is obvious that Anneloes cares deeply for her dogs and has their best interests at heart. Vixey has a wonderful temperament and is a calm and confident young dog. She will be a great addition to the breeding program at Jersey Acres.

Joan Traub



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