Best addition to our family!

Our sweet Maggie is 6 months now. We could not be happier with our decision to choose Bernedoodles of Jersey Acres for our new family member. Anneloes has been so great to deal with and even after picking up Maggie, we emailed and called on two separate occasions for additional questions and she was so quick to respond and provide advice. We also had so many people tell us how well socialized Maggie was right at 2/3 months and we have Anneloes to thank for that! We are truly lucky to have Maggie in our lives and I highly recommend Jersey Acres.

Jessica Yuswak


We got our puppy boston yesterday and he is soooooo sweet and friendly. He’s already started adjusting to our home. He is a wonderful addition to our family so far and we are sure it will stay that way. Anneloes was a wonderful person and The facility is also amazing. If I get another bernedoodle she would definitely be first on the list of breeders!

Grace walker

Could not ask for a better breeder

We have been blessed twice with dogs from Anneloes @ Jersey Acres.. Bronzon is a standard Bernedoodle (2 years) & is a great dog we get stopped at the park all the time for people to ask about him & tell us how lovely he is (We know that though!) We have been back to Jersey Acres to visit several times & in January decided to get a little Bro for Bronzon but we chose a little sister , Monro the mini Bernedoodle. We had some issues with Monro & Anneloes was absolutely fantastic super supportive & helpful. We are so blessed to have 2great dogs & a friend in Anneloes. Would recommend her & Jersey Acres to anyone.

Lisa Tilley & Jo Damato

My Clara

I have an F1B Bernedoodle from Jersey Acres. I was able to get her under Anneloes Guardianship Program. Anneloes was great. I filled out her Guardianship Application and she called me within 2 days. I wasn’t expecting such a fast response! She had one Bernedoodle named Livy that needed a Guardian home right away. Unfortunately, due to timing we were not able to take her. We had a senior puppy at home that was almost “ready”. A few weeks later, Anneloes checked in with me again. She asked how things were going with the Senior Puppy and let me know that she had an almost 4 month old F1B Bernedoodle puppy that required a Guardian Ship home. She sent me her picture. I was in Love!!! My husband and I talked it over and the next weekend, we went and picked up My Clara. It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Clara was shy at first (still is), but she warmed up to me easily. She liked to be close to me and was always giving me kisses! I’m pleased to say she only ever had 2 accidents during potty training, and those were our fault for missing her cues. Now she is 18 months old and the Love of our Lives….with one exception…”Her Person” is now my Husband, and I’m a close 2nd!!! I keep saying I’m getting another one, a male…so it will love me best! hahaha

Anneloes has been so very helpful and informative since before we picked her up. We even went back to visit! 🙂 I would recommend Anneloes and her Bernedoodles above all others.

Thank you Anneloes for allowing us to have such a comforting, goofy, well behaved, and adorable family member. We will always appreciate and remember it 🙂

Deborah Greavette



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